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 +The majority of people within this planet have recognized Shakira, whose full name is [[http://www.iomoio.com/index.php?pid=3140|Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll]], as a Columbian Latin pop singer and songwriter. She is also called the sensation of Latin music because of her fabulous songs and her sensational belly dancing.<br /><br />Shakira is actually a very talented girl. In the age of eight, she was writing and composing music. And by the age of thirteen, Shakira was turn into a nearby celebrity who had a lucky opportunity encounter with Sony Columbia executive, Ciro Vargas, on a flight from Barranquilla to Bogota.<br /><br />After that, Shakira got her 1st record deal with the corporation and was released her debut album referred to as Magia (Magic) in 1991. The album, which lacked recording and production cohesion, failed to sell over one thousand copies. Right after that time, Shakira decided to take a break from recording and graduate from higher college.<br /><br />In 1995, Shakira returned for the music scene with all the album referred to as Pies Descalzos (Bare Feet), which solidified her commercial accomplishment by promoting more than five million copies worldwide. And inside the years right after, her career is flying away like a meteor to the major in the world. Later, she quickly becomes the sensation of [[http://www.iomoio.com/index.php?pid=3140|Latin music ]]and she introduces belly dancing towards the complete world.<br /><br />In 2001, [[http://www.iomoio.com/index.php?pid=3140|Shakira]] started work on a crossover album towards the English language. Laundry Service is regarded to be her initially album in English. Laundry Service would at some point go on to sell additional than 13 million CDs worldwide, and produces such hits as Whenever Wherever, Underneath Your Clothing, Te Dejo Madrid (I Leave You Madrid), Objection (Tango), plus the A single. Later on, the commercial success of her English album had continued by the years to come. Shakira is now at the moment engaged to the son of former president of Argentina, Fernando de la Rua.<br /><br />
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