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 +Of these women who require a second mammogram for clarification and confirmation, only 8%-10% will want to have a biopsy.  And irrespective of what career you are in that is a quality thing.  Individuals working in diagnostic medical imaging labs are normally compensated better than those who work in physicians offices and hospitals.   
 +So, this is a minimum of 3 hours in the ER before they are scanned.  There is a living, breathing human being somewhere out in cyber area who will be drinking in your words.  X-ray is 1 of the most impressive developments in medical technology.   
 +You should consider [[http://www.radiologyschools.co|radiology technologist pay scale]] for intelligent suggestions.
 +The compression is essential to the process because it allows a lower dosage of radiation to be used since the amount of tissue being imaged thinner.  Radiologic technicians are exposed to dangerous radiation all the time during their job.  For instance, a technician could perform a Mammogram, MRI, or CT Scan, to name a few.  
 +You should browse around [[http://www.radiologyschools.co/radiologist|radiology technologist schools]] for clear recommendations.
 +These are just some of the fears that buzz about in one's mind.  The next top 10 radiology specializations should serve as a guide for anyone interested in going into this field and looking for a quality area to study and specialize in.  Adegree in radiology is high in demand nowadays not only in the USA, but in all the countries of the world.  
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