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 +<br />Before I got my new iPhone 5 I had not upgraded my phone since the iPhone 3! I was so  surprised by the changes that I  could not seem to put my  brand-new  gadget down! I still, however, did not know  exactly what to do with my old iPhone. While it was still in working condition, it did not hold a candle to my new phone. I  might not find a company who buys used  mobile phones so I searched on my  brand-new iPhone to see where I could sell my used cell phone. I was  shocked by how many different  websites offer to sell your old phone. While I had seen a  couple of commercials that  promote companies that sell phones, there were literally hundred of options for me to choose from.<br /> Since I had an old iPhone, I was eligible for an iPhone trade in where I would get a  brand-new version for the older but I enjoyed the one I already had and decided to  just sell my phone for cash. One of my friends told me that they received less than $ 50 for their phone. While I had a smartphone, I assumed I would not get a lot of money for my iPhone  due to the fact that it was an older generation. I did not expect to earn very much but I was proven wrong. With  the cash I got, I could  pay for a night out and a new shirt from the http://www.raypharma.com thrift  shop!<br />Many of the companies that are buying old cell phones also recycle cell phones for cash! This means that you will not only get money for your phone but you will also be doing something  great for the environment. Many of the  products that make  mobile phone are  limited. This means that if you sell your phone for money you can also help keep the earth clean.  Numerous  businesses also donate your old phone to a non-profit organization. Some U.S. soldiers are given  mobile phone while actively serving in order to  call their  household. Other companies also give to used phones people in developing  nations so they  might talk to their family and friends.<br />All in all,  lots of people benefit when you sell your used cell phone. While you  could just be  thinking of  making money to afford your new cell phone bill or a new shirt, it  benefits the environment  since  numerous companies recycle old cell phones. Some also donate or sell used cell phones to U.S. soldiers or those in developing countries. This means many who would not  have the ability to  pay for a phone can  call their  friend and family without  needing to make a  significant investment. It may not seem like a huge deal but it can mean the world to someone else. The next time you purchase a new phone,  keep in mind that you  could sell your used phone and help out the earth as well as your fellow man. Who knew you  can do so much good by buying the  brand-new iPhone and selling your old one?
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